Protect yourself & your agency with PropertySafe


Sample Report

De-risking your rent-roll will have a positive impact on the value of your business

Maintenance Manager will provide a significant reduction in annual operational costs

81% of tenants would prefer to rent from
an agency that endorses PropertySafe*

Discounted premiums and a NIL excess opportunity for your Professional Indemnity Insurance

What about new properties we add to our rent roll?

You can order a PropertySafe Report from within Maintenance Manager for a new landlord at anytime. As part of the overall protection for your business between your annual invitations, we will also send the email invitations to all new managements. We will support you throughout this period making it easy to invite and educate your landlords. Please note this process may not be available to agencies in some regional or remote areas.

The PropertySafe Strategy

PropertySafe provides a unique and proven inspection and reporting service to reduce the chance of damages claims against property management professionals resulting from preventable injuries to tenants.

Our team assess residential properties on behalf of their owners and provide recommendations that maximise the safety of occupants. We identify 16 risk areas and inspect in excess of 120 individual risks that exist around the property.

Need more info?


Outsource your teams legal responsibilities of identifying safety hazards to trained professionals

Email to landlord introducing the concept, review information & watch videos.

Reminder email & recommendation sent to landlord

Final yearly recommendation & reminder email sent to landlord

Invitation will be offered again annually.

Report is ordered and we call the tenant to arrange access for one of our highly trained and courteous safety inspectors. Invitation will be offered again annually.

The annual PropertySafe strategy is simple to implement. All correspondence sent to promote the PropertySafe Reports is sent via Maintenance Manager. The emails are written in your own words and addressed from you. PropertySafe never market to any landlord or tenant, as they are your valued customers, not ours. This is not 3rd party marketing to your landlords in any way. 

As a professional agent you are simply recommending your landlords invest in a report to help identify hazards and educate them about their property. If they accept, their decision will help to better protect people at the property and reduce the likelihood of compensation claims for all parties.  A recent independent national survey highlighted the significance tenants place on property safety and almost 60% said they would pay more rent for a home that’s certified as safe.

We have refined and tested the communication strategy to maximise the number of landlords that will voluntarily order a report based off the information supplied. This gives your agency the best protection from claims. When complete, the report goes directly to the landlord. Only major or life threatening identified risks are shown to the property manager. The risks are displayed in Maintenance Manager so the property manager can action asap. 

After the first year, the PropertySafe invitations are automated annually within Maintenance Manager. You will receive reminders from PropertySafe that the invitations will be deployed. 
That’s it. Educate, recommend, demonstrate best practice and reduce your business risk immediately.


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*Independent market research results conducted by
Mircromax Research, September 2019