In addition to the standard service, your PropertySafe inspection can include a Termite-Safe inspection. This optional service can also be ordered independently at any time.

A licensed, experienced and insured Timber Pest Technician will complete a visual inspection of accessible areas of the property to detect the presence of current or previous Termite infestations. The inspection results are then detailed in a report as per the Australian Standard 4349.3 – 2010.  The report focuses upon the presence or absence of termites activity and/or workings. The inspection is of the current condition of the property and is not a warranty against future attack or damage.

The Termite-Safe Report will include:

      • A brief description of the property and areas that were inaccessible in order to carry out the inspection;
      • Details of any past or present termite activity and workings;
      • Conditions which may exist that are conducive to future termite attack.

Each Termite-Safe Report  includes recommendations to remedy any infestations and/or prevent future attack which may include both chemical and non-chemical approaches.

Areas covered by a Termite-Safe  inspection:

      • Exterior of the building
      • Interior of the building
      • Sub-floor space (subject to access)
      • Roof cavity (subject to access)
      • Garage, carport and general outbuildings such as sheds
      • Separate laundry or toilet
      • Trees on the property
      • Retaining walls, gates & fences, etc

Important information about termite infestations:-

  • Termite inspections are recommended every 12 months. Termites are known to have destroyed the wall and roofing timbers of homes within 3 months of construction;
  • Termite attacks are NOT covered by property or landlord insurance;
  • The older the home the higher the probability of infestation;
  • Because termites can tunnel up to 200 metres underground to find food, an attack on your property could come from a neighbouring property;
  • Termites cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire, floods, storms and tempest, combined;
  • A concrete slab does not reduce the risk significantly, it may be higher because sub-floor inspections are not possible.
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