Maintenance Manager

Whilst it is crucial to ensure that business is suitably protected, we also understand the workload of the Property Manager, and have developed a full system, Maintenance Manager, to not only make the implementation of the PropertySafe Risk Management system incredibly simple, we are also very confident that it will deliver tangible cost and time saving benefits to the Property Manager.

The Maintenance Manager dashboard is at the heart of the risk management system – providing single point monitoring and control for Property Managers and Principals. Maintenance Manager tracks all Actions and Events for each property, issuing Landlord Notifications and Reminders to ensure responsibility for authorising repairs remains with the Landlord.

The system has been designed to be an action hub, with a simple in-tray concept, where Property Managers will operate from. It is the in-tray that will highlight to the Property Manager any tasks they need to address. The in-tray is just like your inbox in Outlook, if there is nothing in it then you do not have any priority actions that need to be addressed.

16441044_lTo simplify the repair process, Maintenance Manager incorporates a mobile App for trades suppliers, enabling them to simply respond to your requests and keep you updated. It incorporates your own preferred suppliers as well as a panel of real-estate experienced trade suppliers from your local area making quotes via one-click a reality. Importantly, Maintenance Manager automatically accepts job or quote requests from either a PropertySafe inspection or for any other normal maintenance task and instantly facilitates the return of qualified and endorsed quotes to the Maintenance Manager dashboard ready for Landlord and Property Manager approval. This system will significantly simplify all your maintenance needs, it can turn 30 minute tasks into 1 minute jobs.

Maintenance Manager is a cloud-based system requiring no software or hardware installation. It is designed to operate independently or alongside any Trust accounting system including REST, Console or RP Office. It gives the Property Manager total mobility, allowing you to respond and manage any issue on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere, at any time.

The benefits of the PropertySafe system are manifold. Virtually guaranteeing crucial protection against personal injury claims, PropertySafe delivers a clear and user friendly Maintenance Manager status dashboard and one-button functionality that includes auto despatching of reminders, quote requests, authority requests, access requests and more…..all of which reduces the demands on the precious time of Property Managers. All these benefits at no cost to you.

Take advantage of this opportunity. PropertySafe has the solution that every agent needs to ensure that their business is safe and exhibiting “best practice” and Maintenance Manager can simplify your life, saving you time and money.

Talk to the team at PropertySafe and look at their systems to understand how they can help you today.

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