In addition to the standard service, your PropertySafe inspection can include a Fire-Safe smoke alarm compliance inspection.

To maximise the safety of the people living at a property, the owner, by law, must install and maintain at least one smoke alarm per level. Depending on state law, property owners must install and maintain at least one smoke alarm per level. In some cases these may be hard-wired (240 volt) smoke alarms, long-term DC 9-volts units or standard 9-volt replaceable battery units.

Our smoke alarm inspection includes determination of the accessibility, number, type, secure fitting and location. We replace removable batteries, clean the units, and report on the Australian standard compliance and the expiry date. We further test for the correct decibel level of the alarm and verify alarm activation with simulated smoke. If a smoke alarm fails any test during inspection the unit is failed and only the non-compliant issue is reported.

If  all units comply with regulations, we will issue a compliance certificate .

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