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Child-Safe is an enhanced version of the standard PropertySafe inspection focussing on the additional risks to children and infants found in the home. While the standard service includes hazards which apply to all ages, this enhanced inspection services includes a deeper inspection of specific hazard categories including:

Smoke Alarms
  • Extra alarms in commonly used rooms such as TV rooms, nurseries and children’s bedrooms
  • Fire blankets & extinguisher in kitchens
Safety Switch
  • Inspect for RCD fitted for all power & light circuits
Building Hazards
  • Particular emphasis on handrails, steps, stairs, ramps and balustrades
  • Inspection for sharp or abrasive edges and finishes
  • Review cabinet, cupboard and wardrobe security for chemicals, sharp or falling objects
Glass Hazards
  • Focus on wider use of safety glass in larger and wider fall zones
  • Review impact areas for ride-on toys, tricycles and scooters
  • Inspect for glass surfaces such as table tops and mirrors
Slip Hazards
  • Look for smooth, low-friction and hard surfaces prone to slips and harsher fall injury
  • Review wet-area finishes for soundness & slip-risk
Trip Hazards
  • Inspect for smooth uninterrupted floors with no raised thresholds
Fall Hazards
  • Attention on step/stair construction with additional guarding, gates and non-slip surfaces
Electrical hazards
  • Inspect for additional switch and power point safety including access from raised platforms such as cots
  • Review light socket and light fitting access and protection
  • Special attention to wet area splash zones especially switch protection and switches/appliances 30cm above floor
Gas Hazards
  • Particular attention on ventilation for heaters / stoves plus Carbon Monoxide CO monitors
Moisture Hazards
  • Attention on risk of moisture and mould to children cuts, abrasions and respiratory exposure
Blind Cord Hazards
  • Particular emphasis on proximity of furniture to corded window coverings
Hot Water Hazard
  • Review of tempering valve operation on all water outlets, not bathroom alone
Tree Hazards
  • Special attention on low to the ground and/or dangerous shrubs or ground cover
  • Inspect for potentially poisonous or toxic vegetation
Pool Fence & Barriers
  • Additional attention to toys and pool surround features
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