Congratulations on being selected by your Managing Agent as a preferred trades supplier. The Maintenance Manager system, also known as MMGR, is easy to use and streamlines the information flow between Agents and Suppliers for quotes or work orders, resulting in considerable time savings with clearer communication regarding all maintenance work. Apart from making better use of electronic messaging, you do not need to change the way you run your business. The only change is the way Agents will notify you about work orders and quote requests.

Maintenance Manager incorporates the annual Trade Verification that Agents need to do to confirm their suppliers are licensed and insured. You only need to keep your details up to date and upload copies of your certificates to one place. This only takes a few minutes and you are then ready to receive work/quote requests from all your clients using this system.

Please review the two short videos below and then complete the registration process by clicking the link in the email your property manager sent you. Once again, welcome aboard and we look forward to providing you with an easy solution for quoting, receiving work orders and invoicing.

Welcome to Maintenance Manager


Quick Overview


Benefits Summary

  • A simple way to accept jobs or quote requests by SMS or email, irrespective of where you are – on the job, in the car, at home, buying materials.
  • No change to the way you invoice – handwritten, accounting system, typed into a spreadsheet or document.
  • A more complete description of the work required with images will be available to you, so you can often provide quotes or estimates without going on-site.
  • A streamlined and more immediate way to let your client know you have accepted a job, the work is complete and, if you choose, can be invoiced from the job site using your phone camera!
  • Exposure (at your option) to other real estate Agents in your area (as a ‘Real Estate Tradesperson’) or to the general public via our Trade Supplier system.
  • Immediate summaries available of all your work won, scheduled, completed and invoiced.
  • Trade Verification – Licenses and insurances only need to be lodged by you and Maintenance Manager does the verification and renewal review for your clients.

Here’s How It Works

  • You receive a work order or a quote request by SMS or email from a client on your phone, iPad, tablet, laptop or computer (it’s fully mobile or can be used from your office computer).
  • You click a single secure link (no passwords required) to view the job which will include the address, contact details, description of the work and photos (if available).
  • You either respond with your quote amount or just accept the job and schedule the work. If you handwrite quotes you can simply photograph your handwritten quote and attach it to your response.
  • If your quote is accepted you get an automatic notification and can schedule the job with a date/time.
  • Once complete, you notify your client via the system (from your phone or computer) that the job is done and you can also attach photos of the completed job.
  • You then invoice the work (from your phone or computer) and the client is immediately notified that your invoice has been submitted.
  • You can view all the work you have quoted, scheduled, completed and invoiced at any time.

Nominal Administration Charge

To manage all this, there is a nominal Administration charge to you per invoiced job, regardless of the size or nature of the job. There is no charge to register or receive work from your clients, no charge to submit quotes and no annual fee. There is no fee for $0 value invoices such as warranty calls or other no charge services you provide to your agency clients. The fee is outlined in the Terms and Conditions on the registration page.

Register Now

To register, simply click on the link in the invitation email from your client. The link is encrypted and personalised to take you direct to your private login page.

For more information, contact the Maintenance Manager Support line on 1300 155 888 or email