MMgr Quick Guides

Welcome to the Quick Guides for PropertySafe and Maintenance Manager (MMgr). These guides are designed to cover a specific aspect of usage and are not constructed as an end to end training manual. We recommend you visit this section regularly to monitor for additions and updates.

 How Does MMgr Work ?   Short video

For Supplier Guides click here

Everyday Use Guides

Profile Set Up v2.4

First Login v2.1

Add or Update a Trade Supplier v1.5   Updated                 SAMPLE SUPPLIER INVITATION TO REGISTER

Using Unregistered Trade Suppliers v1.3

Processing Unregistered Supplier Callout Fees v1.1        New

Emergency Trade Supplier Set-Up v1.0       New

Adding Notes to a Job V1.0

Silent Close Option V1.1         Updated

How to Reinstate a Job v1.0

Issuing Conditional Work Orders V1.1        Updated

Issuing a Recurring Work Order v1.1

Grouping Items for Landlord Referral v1.0

Manually Processing Landlord Referrals v1.4

Stop All Notification Emails to an Owner V1.0

When A Landlord Wants Extra Quotes v1.1

How to Cancel a Landlord Request V1.0       New

Sending Photos to Landlords v1.0

Identifying Owners & Tenants Without Email V1.1

Referring to Landlords & Tenants Without Email v1.2

Documents to be Sent in Attention Required v1.1        Updated

How to Close or Cancel a Job V1.0

Re-allocate a Job to Another Supplier V1.0

Resend a Work Order or Quote Request V1.2

Auto Forward Invoices to Accounts v1.1

Contact-Access Settings v1.0

How to Turn On-Off ‘New In-tray Item’ Alerts v1.1      Updated

Landlord Reminders for Rejected Requests V1.0        New

Create a New Property Record V1.0

Using the Holiday Letting Feature V1.0

Automatic Notice of Entry Function V1.0       New        You can see the Supplier Guide for this function here     

Deactivate a Property v1.1      Updated

SMS Setup 1.4

Getting Started

MMgr & PropertySafe Onboarding Process v2.4

Supported Versions of Internet Explorer     New

Export/Import Guides

Extract & Import Console Data v2.1

Extract & Import REST Data v2.1

 PropertySafe Inspections

How ePack Works in 90 seconds

Approve or Decline a PropertySafe Inspection V1.0    New

Add a Property & Order an Inspection v1.2

Print & Post Landlord ePack v1.2

Viewing Inspection Reports & Actions v1.6


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