Ensure your family and friends are safe

The family home generally makes up two of the most significant attributes in your life. It provides a safe haven for your family to grow and excel plus it is often the largest financial asset. Most parents will naturally do virtually anything to protect them.

Unfortunately, often the two do not mix perfectly. It’s a harsh reality that 1 in 3 accidents occur in and around the home and most are preventable. This could be the result of a number of often hidden hazards such as electrical faults, structural defects, gas leaks, slip and trip hazards or unsafe pool fencing, to name just a few.

Whether it’s your own home or your investment property, you want everyone who is living in or visiting your property to be safe. This includes your family, visiting friends, tradespeople and the tenants that reside in rental properties. With recent deaths occurring form easily preventable safety hazards in homes the importance of identifying and rectifying issues has never been more important.

If something catastrophic happened that could have been prevented you would never forgive yourself.

Now there is a solution to ensure your property is safe and sound

PropertySafe delivers Australia’s first solution that allows you to take proactive steps to ensure that your home is a safe environment for your family, friends, visitors and tenants from avoidable injury.

How does PropertySafe work?

  • A comprehensive safety inspection of your home or residential investment property is conducted by a qualified and insured PropertySafe inspector.
  • You receive a comprehensive report that includes easy to read commentary and recommended actions to address any identified hazards in order to make your home safe and sound.
  • The comprehensive PropertySafe report addresses the 16 most common safety hazards found in properties of all types of homes.
  • It can even assist you to rectify any identified issues yourself or choose via the online provision of a list of qualified, licensed and respected tradespeople in your area to help you make your home safer.
  • You can rest easy knowing your family is safe.

Don’t put yourself, your family, visitors or tenants at risk

It is vital to be aware of potential hazards in the home. Whilst most home-owners believe that they know how safe their property is, the reality is that they are not trained to detect issues around safety glass, gas leaks, smoke alarms, pools, balconies, balustrades etc. They are outside the average owner’s base knowledge, nor do most households possess the necessary inspection equipment.

Without this specific knowledge, you not only run the risk of an accident occurring in your home, but you could face additional consequences. Depending upon the incident and the wording in the PDS of your insurance policy you may not be protected against personal injury claims if an accident occurred in your home due to a hazard that was known about or one you reasonably ought to have been known about.

When it comes to safety in the home, ignorance is never bliss

Awareness of potential risks allows you to take action and create a safer living environment. PropertySafe gives you the control to better protect yourself, your loved ones, your tenants and visitors.

Let us help you keep your loved ones safe.

PropertySafe – Protecting People & Property


Our complete PropertySafe system offers you the safest home environment.

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