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Nationwide Trusted and Innovative

PropertySafe is an Australian owned company whose origins derive from businesses with over 23 years of extensive experience with property inspections.

PropertySafe is proud to be able to bring to you the world’s first, patent-pending, specifically designed inspection and reporting system that will address the current risks and issues associated with personal injury at and around homes. We have undertaken extensive research into the most common areas of personal risk and subsequent litigation within the residential property. We have identified 16 specific risk areas and inspect for in excess of 120 individual risks that exist around the normal property.

Each inspection is carried out by a specifically trained, certified and insured inspector. We have developed a web-based system that ensues that every risk is checked and at the end of the inspection a fully detailed report is produced including with extensive photos and explanations for each risk area. In addition the report makes specific recommendations (an Action List) on what needs to be addressed. The report automatically produces detailed quote documents for all items on the action list to facilitate simple quote procurement.

We have also developed a complete Risk Management system which will not only assist in identifying problems and providing solutions, it will also assist clients in getting any required work done. Our back-end system has incorporated a complete tradesman system that can immediately provide quotes from proven property repair tradesmen who have been verified with the service. It will enable property managers, landlords and home-owners to get their maintenance work completed by excellent tradesmen at very competitive prices Australia-wide with just a click of a button.

The PropertySafe report and Risk Management System is designed to remove the significant safety risks associated with property ownership. Whether your property is for your own or investment purposes, you have a duty to ensure that anyone who visits / rents your property is safe from injury or death. Now this can be done quickly, easily and extremely cost-effectively. Call us to find out more details of how we can help.

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