Controlling Agency Risk

Safety Reporting and Web Applications to help reduce agency risk and simplify workflows.

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What it’s about

PropertySafePro is a nationwide, trusted and endorsed strategy for managing agents
to better control the risk of potential legal claims resulting from both injuries to tenants and the mishandling of maintenance tasks.

PropertySafePro is a two stage strategy that provides;

  • Reduced risk exposure
  • Greater levels of control
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Significant operational cost $ savings
  • Consistent communications
  • Advanced tools for property managers


The systems are easy to use and adopt, deliver significant time savings and there are
no ongoing costs to the agency.

How it’s done

PropertySafe Inspections and reports allow Agencies to effectively and affordably outsource the identification and documentation of safety hazards in rented properties to trained professionals to enable landlords to better understand the potential risks
in their properties and to make informed and prioritised decisions about any required repairs, help reduce injuries and better protect their investments. Property managers are not trained and cannot generally be trained to identify safety hazards in rental properties such as ; deck and balcony faults, gas leaks, electrical safety hazards,
non safety glass issues and many more.

The team at PropertySafe assist you with both education and the provision
of affordable, comprehensive safety inspections and reports of rented properties which clearly identify, document and categorise hazard, which also provide recommendations for any necessary repairs.

Any identified issues are simply and easily documented,  managed and communicated using in the industries most advanced mobile workflow software, Maintenance Manager.


Whats in it for me?


With no ongoing cost you can better protect your rent roll asset from legal damages claims relating to tenant injuries and from the handling of maintenance tasks.

In addition, you can take advantage of reduced premiums and a nil $ excess professional indemnity insurance policy (for PM claims) offered by CoverForce.

Some other benefits include;

  • Huge operational $ cost savings every year
  • Better capture, manage & follow up all maintenance
  • Enhanced KPI reporting
  • No ongoing costs
  • Better customer service and consistent communications
  • Automated audit trails created for every job
  • Your team will have the most advanced tools to better manage their properties


Principals speak

“Our Property Management business has been using Maintenance Manager
by PropertySafe for 9 months and as a Principal, I love it. It integrates perfectly
with our trust accounting software program, and provides an all-encompassing tool
to handle maintenance and the associated communication. Nothing falls through the cracks, as automated email reminders are sent to PM’s and Tradies. We hardly receive any calls these days from tenants or landlords asking ‘What’s happening with that repair??’ The results are higher productivity, happy clients, and best
of all, lower risk to our company because everything is documented in the one place. Finally, someone who understands a PM’s job has brought us into the
21st Century!”

Laura Valenti, Principal Solutions Property Management

“In 30 years, Maintenance Manager is probably one of the biggest game changers in our industry. The communication between your landlords, tenants and tradespeople is amazing, if you’re not using Maintenance manager you need
to get on board because it is just awesome.”

Dorothy Hamilton, First National Palm Beach


Senior Team

Maintenance is a necessary but mostly mundane job, not really enjoyed
by most PM’s.

The PropertySafe solution equips you and your team with the best innovative and easy to use mobile tools to better manage the safety of tenants, your team’s safety and for the faster and more accurate processing of all maintenance tasks.

The time savings you and your team will enjoy when using the complete PropertySafe solution, incorporating the trusted, endorsed and widely used Maintenance Manager platform are nothing short of staggering.

Some other benefits include;

  • Immediate, real time enhanced team KPI reporting
  • Audit trails (tribunal documents) produced in 10 seconds
  • No system upgrades required
  • Works easily alongside your existing trust system
  • Save around 3 hours of time per property per year managing maintenance
  • Automated follow up and reminder communications
  • No job ever gets missed
  • Fully mobile solutions- smartphone/ tablet/ computer
  • Fully scalable and customisable to suit your office
  • More consistent and accurate communications to all parties

Property Managers

Welcome to the Promised Land. Don’t really love doing maintenance? Let us help you with the industry’s leading, widely used and endorsed mobile software for better managing all maintenance tasks.

Imagine a world where you can spend approximately 70% less time in your day handling mundane and repetitive maintenance tasks… welcome to Maintenance Manager.

In addition we can help you educate your landlords about the importance of safety for your tenants. Property Managers should not have to be experts in building matters relating to safety at residential properties (the REINSW agrees with us). PropertySafe provides outsource and professional safety hazard checks and reports of rental properties for landlords to assist in taking this huge responsibility away from you.

Here are some other benefits;

  • It’s a fully mobile solution- smartphone/ tablet/ computer
  • Massively reduces typing duplication and follow up time
  • The software sends automated reminders and follows up to all parties
  • Integrates with your existing trust system
  • Capture and manage maintenance from any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Never let a job slip through the cracks

To sell the idea to your principal- it’s easy;

  • There’s no ongoing cost
  • You will be much happier and
  • The solution better protects the rent roll from legal damages claims

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Tennille Mugridge2


“Using Maintenance Manager we can far more easily and efficiently manage every maintenance task in properties under management. The system provides an exceptional automated reminder system, works with our Trust system and keeps a concise audit trail of every communication and note, to ensure better protection for our business. Communicating with Landlords, Strata, Tenants and all our Trade Suppliers has never been easier. The team at PropertySafe are also professional and very helpful.”

Tennille Mugridge – Principal
Home Specialist Property Management


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